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State of Social Media Infrastructure

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Part 1: Benchmarking the Social Communication Infrastructure of the Fortune 100 

An Analysis of Over 32,000 Social Media Accounts

Social media has become a core piece of enterprise communication infrastructure. Yet, most companies lack both visibility and control over the networks, accounts and applications that are connected to and affiliated with their brand.

To provide greater insight into the true state of social communication infrastructure, Proofpoint Social Media Protection, a leading provider of social media security and compliance solutions - examined the social media footprint of the Fortune 100. This research study serves as a blueprint for understanding the underpinnings of an organization’s social communication infrastructure, as well as its pervasiveness. It is the first in a series of three reports to be published analyzing the security and compliance risks of the F100's social media infrastructure.

Key Research Findings

  • The average Fortune 100 brand has 320 social media accounts,
  • The Fortune 100 use 2100 unique publishing tools and applications and each company averages 13 distinct publishing tools, and
  • Only 30% of social publishing done by the Fortune 100 on its accounts is through a professional tool.
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